Rule One to Success, Removing the Distractions

Millions of people have dreamt of being successful, having more money than they can spend, having the luxury vehicle, wonderful home, and beautiful wife. It’s easy to visualize having everything you ever wanted in your mind, but getting there is another story. If it was easy to be successful while doing the one thing you love most while never having to worry about money again, then everyone would be doing it. It’s true that some have had it easy, but most have to grind to get anywhere in life.

Getting to the path of professional and financial prosperity has never been more complex or crowded than it is in this day and age. Anywhere you turn, you’re up against competition. When one product disrupts the market and generates massive profits and buzz, many others jump on the bandwagon to obtain some of that market share. A lot of jobs have become automated, thus less need for humans to do the leg work. Prices of necessities and housing have increased, thus making it more prevalent than ever to have more than one stream of income on hand. With all this comes the increase in ways to access entertainment, interact with strangers, purchase merchandise, find love, etc.

There’s a lot of clutter in the storage space, and it’s up to you to keep your space clean and well maintained. What I mean by that is there is a lot of things that can distract you and keep you from focusing on working towards your goals. It’s pretty easy to get off track, especially if you’re constantly on social media, watching Netflix, messaging friends, or reading the latest celebrity gossip. Whatever hobby you love doing, if you find yourself doing it too often, even more than your work, then you’re easily distracted.

For years I had been a gamer. I started playing since I was five. I have had the gaming bug since. With online gaming being so popular, as well as some games having a immersive world with 100+ hours of content to explore, I had found myself addicted to games countless times, with the latest being Overwatch. Instead of working on my business or researching new ways to generate a revenue stream, I found myself indulged in match after match either trying to keep my team healed with Mercy or competing to get the play of the game with Symmetra. After playing for over 400 hours, I finally had to decide between my future or the game. I chose the former, trading in Overwatch at Gamestop in the process.

If you find yourself immersed in the things not related to your work and they’re taking up chunks of hours of your time, you have to make a decision on if you really want to become successful or live a normal life of trying to get by. If you want success, and you’re unhappy where you are now, then you can easily pinpoint the things that you’re doing that’s keeping you from working towards your goals. If you need to, write a list of those things that are a distraction in your life, and then decide whether to get rid of them completely, or wait until the night time or weekends to indulge yourself in those activities.

If great innovators like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos or Michael Dell allowed distracts to dictate their actions, then Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, or Dell Computer would have never existed, or if anything, never been the multi-billion dollar juggernauts that they are today. Building multi-million or billion dollar empires requires sacrifice and discipline. If you are serious about making your dreams come true, then it’s time to get started in limiting your involvement of the things that aren’t helping you to succeed. If you have to delete Instagram, do so. If you have to sell your gaming console to stop playing games, then do it. If you have to tell your friends to only contact you after 9:00pm, then make it so. Make those adjustments, as this action will mark the beginning point in your path to success.



Five Reasons the Wonder Woman Movie Was Very Successful

During the summer is usually the time where big superhero films hit the big screen. Some are a hit and others turn out to be a mishap. Wonder Woman is the former, exceeding the expectations of consumers and critics alike. The film had a budget of $149 million, and in the first weekend raked in $103.2 million domestically and around $120 million internationally. It had a excellent beginning, but didn’t stop there. Fast forward to the end of July, the blockbuster film surpassed Deadpool in worldwide revenue, bringing in $786 million at the time. Even Deadpool himself gave the film praise for its accomplishment. Then back in mid August, according to Forbes, the film was on the verge of hitting $800 million worldwide, which it has likely done by now.

These numbers were made possible due to the quality of the film. It has a metacritic score of 76, and many critics gave the film praise for its emphasis on story and character development. And when consumers walk out of the theatre to then share with their friends and family of how amazing the movie was, it’s no wonder why so many went to see it. So what made the film a great success, here’s some reasons why:

Casting the Right Actress for the Main Role

Gal Gadot is the perfect suit for the role through and through, and the casting crew chose well. She absolutely takes over every moment she’s on screen. Even though her presence was a bit limited in the Batman V Superman film last year, she had a strong showing there, which made for a sweet sample for viewers to look forward to came her big debut this year. Aside from her having the perfect height and figure, she portraits Wonder Woman’s ambition to save mankind greatly, while learning about the people she’s trying to protect.

Excellent Supporting Characters

It wasn’t a surprise that Chris Pine did well in playing Wonder Woman’s love interest Steve Trevor. Every moment they had on screen they just clicked, sharing parts of themselves that intrigued one another, while having a few laughs and smiles. Steve and Etta getting Diana Prince acquainted with how humans live and dress were great moments of the film. And Robin Wright’s role of Antiope was spot on, as she trained the amazonian warrior for the big battles to come. Every supporting character played a good part in shaping up Diana’s destiny to becoming one of the great protectors of Earth.

More About Story and Less About Effects

The Wonder Woman film really needed a good plot line and excellent characters if there was ever to be a chance of a sequel and a expansion to the DC universe. It delivered on that not because of the action and CGI effects, but rather in developing the characters and providing a grounded storyline that was straight forward and easy to follow for viewers. Although some elements of the film didn’t follow the comics, it did good in presenting it’s own version of Diana Prince’s rise to becoming the great amazonian warrior. Some parts of the movie adaption worked well for the film instead of hurting it, including having the timeline during the World War I era instead of World War II.

The Film Brought Humor When it Mattered

There are some films that try to over utilize humor to the point where the story suffers, where others bring humor that at some points fall flat. The Wonder Woman film had some moments of humor that flowed with the film. The one liners sounded natural and you couldn’t help but laugh off moments where Diana was learning the way of living outside of her amazonian home, like when she was trying on a dress to blend in with the crowd.

The Story Shared an Important Message

Wonder Woman movie had the usual focus that many films have, which is take out the villain to save humanity from destruction. But right when Diana thought she had finally taken out the main villain Hades, she realizes that the Germans were still carrying out their plans to use their chemical weapon to create mass casualties. All along she thought the Germans were under Hades’ control, but that wasn’t so. A hard lesson she learned, which relates to real life, is that humans decide to bring goodness to the world or total chaos. But despite how flawed humanity is, she chooses to still do good to save those who can’t save themselves.


Top 5 TV Shows That Excelled in Character Development

There are several television shows that appeal to different viewers, and many of them have came and went. Networks that take shows in only maintain the best that have good ratings and a solid viewership. That means producers, writers, and directors must work together to craft a amazing story that millions will find endearing. Several shows fail to meet the admiration of the audience, and the viewership quota of the networks. But then there are those precious gems that viewers will forever deem a masterpiece.

Shows that achieve that status are usually those that have amazing characters with compelling stories behind them. They fit well into the plot, they have an alluring persona, and they’re quite memorable. The people behind the projects do well in developing their characters in order to strengthen the overall plot, which is an important element if you want a show to last.

Here are five TV shows that excelled in character development:

Breaking Bad

There’s a reason why this show went on to win multiple awards like a Golden Globe Award for Best Performance. Many say it’s one of the greatest shows of this generation. Breaking Bad did a great job in keeping the overall plot simple, and the characters managed to always fit right in. Bryan Cranston delivered on his role as Walter White well, with his every action centered towards making sure his family would be financially stable in the event of his passing. Jesse Pinkman and Hank Schrader were also admirable characters who excelled in every scene they were in. What viewers received is some of the best acting a show has to offer.


There are many crime drama shows, but none similar to this one. In the first two seasons, the show does well in developing the main protagonist, Dexter Morgan, by telling viewers the back story of how he because involved in killing other serial killers. The audience knows how much of a difficult time he has keeping his killing habits a secret, while trying to live a normal life as a loving husband, and a family man. It’s this kind of twist that allows viewers to build that connection with Dexter, as well as the people he cares about most.

Sons of Anarchy

This series is pretty underrated, as it captivated moments of unity, betrayal, conspiracy, and blood shed with supreme fashion. The main character, Jackson (or Jax) Teller, endured a lot from beginning to end, as he fought to keep his club together, other gangs in line, while discovering the origins of his past, which included his father being killed by another Sam Crow member. All this was put together well by the creators, where discovering hidden held weight for Jax and the members of the club who supported him through and through.

House of Cards

There’s a reason Netflix renewed this series for two more seasons before season 4 even aired last year. It’s because of how in depth the plot is, and the amazing characters that are involved. If there’s one thing about politics in general, is that there are lies, scandals, conspiracies and cover ups that can go along with the position of being in office. House of Cards orchestrates that quite effectively, as its main characters Francis and Claire Underwood have done everything to take and maintain their rightful place in a position of power, while knocking off anyone that presents even a small threat to their reign.

Game of Thrones

This list wouldn’t be complete without including one of the most popular series of television. Game of Thrones is definitely one of the most complex shows to follow, unless you watch through the series undisturbed. But a tale about multiple houses competing for the iron throne, while also bringing the living together to fight one of the greatest enemies that threatens the very existence of mankind, has been put together quite beautifully by the creators. Almost every action a person does, or every word a person says carries weight, adds to the back story, or the overall plot. They’ve done a great job putting many moments covered in George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones books onto the small screen.


What Happens When a Franchise Like Call of Duty Reaches Fatigue

Everyone loves the introduction of new products from companies that understand the need for innovative solutions. It is why companies like Apple have thrived from their revolutionary creation, the iPhone, which is still one of the highest selling mobile devices on the market. When people see a new product with innovative features, and is much better than the predecessors before it, many flock to purchase it to call their own. Because again, it’s about providing something the world has yet to experience that they would enjoy.

But then you have companies that release products annually that bare similarities to the ones before it. You notice barely anything has changed except for maybe a fresh coat of paint or a small performance boost. These products do little to justify another purchase from a customer who already bought last year’s iteration. However, it may not matter to the company, because the brand behind the product maybe huge enough to the point where the product will still sell well, allowing the company to profit nonetheless.

Companies like Activision follow this formula with their Call of Duty franchise. It’s easily one of the most recognizable gaming franchises, and one of the most played games online. Every annual release still sells well, but not like before. The franchise’s last innovative release was Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The game had it’s robust perk system, killstreaks, and RPG equivalent progression elements that the world had not yet seen. Nearly ten years later, the company has maintained the franchise’s core mechanics.

Has the core mechanics improved for the franchise over the years? Not according to hardcore fans of the series. The quality of its annual releases may have accounted for its slumping sales over the years. The last time Activision boasted about a Call of Duty’s post release sales was Black Ops 3, which made around $550 million during its first 3 days on the market. Infinite Warfare was a different story, with analysts saying that the game sold 50% less than Black Ops 3. Activision mentioned that it foresaw this beforehand, but made profits with the inclusion of the Call of Duty: Legacy Edition bundle.

But before Black Ops 3, the previous Call of Duty Activision shared post release profits on with confidence was Black Ops 2, which made around $500 million in its first day, and sold around 11 million units in its first week. So there’s that three year gap in between, with Call of Duty: Ghosts and Advanced Warfare not well received. Infinite Warfare may have seen the biggest decline for the franchise, with their main competitor Battlefield 1 doing nearly as well sales wise.

If there’s one thing for certain, the proof is in the pudding. Gamers aren’t buying Call of Duty like they used to. Not much has changed to the formula. The graphics may have gotten an upgrade, but the gameplay mechanics are too similar to one another, the killstreaks and perks aren’t appealing like they once were, the server quality has changed little, and the new iterations have become a little more pay to win. In other words, little is being done by the company to bring innovation back to their beloved series.

It doesn’t help that Activision takes a long time to listen to their fans, usually having their developers create Call of Duty games that they perceive the public will want and buy. Sure a lot of people will buy their games, but if it carries similar issues, has the same futuristic setting three years in a row that nobody wants, has micro-transactions that help give paying customers an edge, and does little to improve the formula, then many people will stray away. It’s gotten to the point now that many YouTube influencers that have backed Call of Duty for years are complaining or turned their backs on the series. The final nail in the coffin for many was when Activision decided to charge $15 for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered’s extra maps that they believe should have been included in the base game, which already costs $40 alone.

In order for Call of Duty to maintain its staying power, the company has to make a change. They must be daring enough to spend extra to provide a product that adds value for the end user, and to lessen its focus on generating as much revenue from customers as possible, also called milking its fan base. With Call of Duty: WWII on the horizon, it maybe that fresh experience that players will find endearing. However, a even bigger recommendation would be to release a new iteration every other year to lower franchise fatigue. Of course, that will likely never happen, but with games like Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch increasing in player base long after their releases, it wouldn’t hurt to follow their formula to success.


Delivering Quality Can Earn You Grand Theft Auto V’s Success

Even if you haven’t played any of the games in the Grand Theft Auto series, you have definitely heard about them. Grand Theft Auto V, in particular, has achieved the most success of the series to date. In fact, the profits it’s raking in and the huge online activity from its multiplayer component is why it’s unlikely we will see a sequel for quite some time. If a product is exceeding a company’s profit expectations, why create a new product soon?

Grand Theft Auto V stands as an example of what happens when you deliver a product that meets or exceeds the expectations of the consumer. If your product provides quality over quantity, and is something that a potential customer is looking for, you don’t have to do much to convince them that it’s right for them. Of course you need a description of the product and a unique selling proposition so that prospects know how your product stands out. But if your product works wonders, and you’re marketing it effectively, you can generate profits in no time.

Grand Theft Auto V has maintained a huge level of success despite the fact of indirect competition of other triple A titles, including Call of Duty and Fallout 4. Here are a few elements that can give your product the staying power of Grand Theft Auto V:

Focusing on a Niche

You may have heard this before, but it stands true to this day. Instead of focusing on the general audience, focus on a audience that has a specific need. Rockstar Games, the developer of Grand Theft Auto V, has always been able to achieve this by focusing on two things, delivering a compelling story in the world of crime, and maintaining it’s solid sandbox elements. People who love story driven games and are able to roam around a huge city to do whatever they want are the people who have invested their dollars in the series. Not everyone likes that kind of game, but that’s okay. They don’t have to please everyone, and neither do you.


Marketing the Product Consistently

You can have an amazing product line, but you must consistently market your solution otherwise people will forget about it. Depending on what you’re selling, and where your audience usually goes to get their information or interact, you will need to implement different marketing methods to reach them, including email, social media, and public relations. Whatever methods you choose, develop a calendar to schedule the day and time of when you’ll use these methods to send out your message to your audience. Have this planned out between 6 months to a year in advance.

Months before Grand Theft Auto V was released, there were game trailers, interviews, press releases, and a strong advertising campaign. Since the game’s release, they have been marketing their post release content for the game on YouTube, their website, and social media, where major gaming and entertainment websites have informed their audience. Aside from that, YouTube influencers are consistently posting videos about the game, extending its viral marketing power.

Establishing a Solid Brand

This is probably the most important advice to follow that will allow your product to stand the test of time. If your product excels in quality, exceeds the needs of your customer, and you’re marketing it consistently, make sure you’re also building a brand behind it. This is how the world will recognize your product, and will become emotionally connected with it. So in other words, your product must tell a story that your audience can relate to.

This is what has helped the Grand Theft Auto series to maintain a solid presence in the gaming world. They’ve used signature fonts for the title, and signature artwork for the game’s cover and website. Every game in the series maintains the same graphics design, gameplay mechanics, and sound design. They could just release a graphic image of a numeral VI in a black background on their website, and the entire world would be talking about a potential Grand Theft Auto sequel. Though the series’ brand presence is very strong, it took them years to get there. So be prepared to work hard to get your product well known.


What Game Developers Can Learn From Shooters Like Overwatch

It seems like no matter what, entertainment is one element that is recession proof. Consumers spend hours a day just watching videos alone. But what is also taking up the time of consumers are video games. A majority of these people are casual gamers, but then there are your hardcore gamers as well. These people are the ones who have high expectations for games, and would rather play a game that’s catered to a niche than something that is catered to everyone. Often times, when a game tries to do too much to please everyone, it doesn’t end well for the developers.

So given that dedicated gamers want something that will allow them to enjoy time outside of the real world for hours on in, what exactly can game developers do to cater to their needs? It is best to draw some inspiration from the highly successful game Overwatch. For a multiplayer shooter that’s actually increasing in popularity and player count, here are some ways it’s achieving just that:

Making it Multiplayer Focused

There are many gamers out there who usually skip the 5 hour single player campaign of a first person shooter to jump straight into multiplayer. So instead of spending extra money to create a compelling narrative, they focused solely on creating the multiplayer component. The amount of people turned off by this practice was in the minority, as they wouldn’t spend $60 on what they perceived was not a full game. But it stands as one example of why it isn’t necessary to please everyone, as millions still bought the game.

The Gameplay Mechanics Focuses on Teamwork

Instead of having a game where someone can lonewolf their way through the map to rack up kills and become unstoppable, Blizzard took a different approach, by making the gameplay based on how well you work with your team. Team composition plays a huge factor on how effective a team performs, as you need damage dealers, tanks to soak up damage, defense characters to hinder an attacker’s advances, and healers to keep teammates alive. That coupled with good communication makes for a game that rewards those who work together instead of going at it alone.

Making the Game Accessible

This goes hand in hand with the game’s teamwork focus. It’s a game that’s easy to play, but hard to master. Casual players who aren’t necessarily good at generating kills for their team can help in other ways, including support or tanking. Overwatch isn’t meant for everybody, as some people may not be fond of the animated art direction to this shooter or that it’s based on teamwork. However, it’s a game that doesn’t require a high skill level to get into, and that’s why even consumers who aren’t into first person shooters are actually playing it either by themselves or with friends.

Lovable Characters

There are a vast variety of characters that contain their own abilities to aid themselves and teammates in achieving victory, along with ultimates that can turn the tide of a battle. But even better is how compelling these characters are to the players. Blizzard Entertainment did well in creating memorable characters that captures the heart of gamers. Some stand out more than others, like Tracer, with her quirky enthusiasm, or Reaper, with his gritty demeanor. It’s no wonder you see several cosplayers dressed up as these characters at events. The game itself also allows you to access every character’s backstory, which helps to satisfy those who want to learn about the characters they love to play.

Quality Support and Updates

Blizzard Entertainment has a track record of creating amazingly addictive games that are built to last for years. Take World of Warcraft for example, released back in 2004, with its several expansions and gameplay improvements they’ve made to keep a high playerbase some 13 years later and going. Overwatch is no exception. In over a year since release, players have received new characters, maps, cosmetic items in the form of skins, emotes, character lines, among other things.

All characters and maps are free, while cosmetic items can be earned in game or through using real money. Not only that, but a heavy anti-cheating system, fixes to technical issues, character balancing, and event themed modes round up the amazing support this game has gotten. Overwatch has become a even better game than it was when it first launched, which is why there’s over 30 million registered players and counting. It’s hard to imagine the type of game it’ll be in the future, but it’ll surely get better with age.


Three Reasons Why Video Game Season Passes Need to End

Those who were around and playing video games during the 70’s and 80’s era remember the simple yet addicting games like Pac-Man, Pong, Donkey Kong, Zelda, and Super Mario Bros. Back then, games were very difficult, but very fun, especially when playing with a friend. Between the Atari days up to the Playstation 2, Xbox and GameCube, when you purchased a game, you got the full game with no need to purchase add-ons. Those were the good old days.

But during the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 era, pricing for games have changed. A majority of games now have downloadable (DLC) add-ons you can purchase, meaning you don’t get the full experience unless you pay extra. Thankfully the $10 Online Pass was ditched in the previous generation, only to be replaced by the micro-transaction system. With many games containing several DLC add-ons, developers allow gamers to get them all in a bundle at a discount through purchasing a season pass, usually priced between $40-$50 dollars.

You can easily be paying over $100 for a single game, which can really put a hurt on a your wallet if you’re buying more than one game. To be honest, often times season passes hold little to no value to the consumer. Here are a few reasons why:

The Extra Content Doesn’t Justify the Price

Usually when you purchase a season pass, you may receive around a few hours worth of extra story, a few extra weapons, some extra skins, an exclusive item, and even a few days early access to DLC. This may sound good and all, but in reality it’s not. Developers make it sound good on paper to drive extra revenue. However, the content does little to add to the experience, while the quality of that content is often sub-par compared to the base game.

Season Passes Confuse the Consumer

Often times, you don’t know what you’re really getting from purchasing a season pass. One of the biggest examples is Evolve. The first season pass, already lacking in extra content, didn’t mention (aside from a few hunters and skins) everything that was included, which confused gamers. To make matters worse, the company released a second season pass to try to generate more revenue and keep people playing. That backfired tremendously, and the community died out soon after. It’s moments like this where season passes do more harm than good for the gaming community.

It Fragments the Community

Multiplayer focused games fall prey to this. Friends are not able to play the same maps together because one person doesn’t have the DLC add-ons. Worse, when online communities die down, it becomes a chore to find a match in the DLC content because a majority of players never bought the add-ons, so you’re stuck playing the regular maps. This is unfair for consumers who have no idea how well developers will support their game, and how healthy the playerbase will be in the coming months or years.

Replace Season Passes With Expansions

Gaming companies need to take a page out of PC’s book. Several computer games throughout the years have had expansion packs released, which provides a lot more depth to the base game, and several more hours of pure enjoyment. Gamers already spent $60 to support a creative project, why not offer truly compelling content in the form of expansions? It’s better to add 15-20 hours worth of story that extends the core story in a great way, while adding new characters, several new weapons, and more gameplay mechanics than just a few extra missions and skins. This in turn will keep players playing, and increase profits.

Offer Free Updates and Long-Term Support

This system is effective mainly for multiplayer games. Games like Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege have implemented this system well, which is why their online communities are actually growing and are very healthy. By offering new maps, characters, weapons, an overhaul on their game’s online infrastructure, while fixing technical issues, these games are better than when they were released. So when making a game, make it catered to a niche market, offer a post launch release plan, be prepared to troubleshoot issues, and then execute.


Took a Different Direction With My Blog

Hi everyone. It’s been a few months since I started blogging again. I’ve enjoyed getting back into the swing of writing and providing content that would be valuable to readers. Though I don’t have much content already posted here, it’s because of the different direction I needed to take.

Before I had launched this blog along with my YouTube channel. I hadn’t done much YouTubing in the past, but decided to give it a try. My focus wasn’t clear on what I wanted to share through YouTube and blogging, as I wanted to provide content in the areas of business, real estate, gaming, voice over, acting, lifestyle, modeling, etc. Needless to say, I got burnt out trying to do everything. I decided to give YouTube a break to focus mainly on blogging. Should I come back to making videos, it’ll be when I have better resources and help to create compelling content.

I narrowed my focus, taking acting, modeling, voice over, gaming, and lifestyle out of the equation. My focus now is in business and real estate, though a majority of my posts in the beginning will be related to business, as I’m still fairly new to real estate and have to build up my experience there. In my blog posts I hope to inspire and motivate readers to take action in accomplishing their dreams, as that is what I’m doing myself. At the same time, I hope to share some advice on how to run a business and include some of my experiences in conducting business activities that generate profits.

So here’s to new beginnings. Hopefully if you’re reading this, you’ll stay to be inspired and take part in this great journey of achieving success. It is possible if you really want it to come to reality.

What Does Grand Theft Auto V’s Success Mean for a Sequel?

It’s not common for companies to eventually close ongoing support for a product or service in order to shift focus on a better iteration. This is how companies can generate profits while deviating from wasting funds and resources on something that has reached the end of its lifecycle. If a product isn’t selling as much, or isn’t selling at all, it’s time to pull the plug. But what about if a product has maintained vastly impressive sales numbers 4-5 years after its release?

Take Grand Theft Auto V for example. This widely popular sandbox game, which reportedly had a development and marketing budget of $265 million, has far exceeded expectations of even Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two Interactive. The game generated $1 billion in sales in just a few days after its release back in September of 2013. Pretty impressive when the game’s online component, Grand Theft Auto Online, wasn’t even released yet. As of the end of May 2017, total sales have reached 80 million copies. It continues to be within the top 10 selling games week after week. However, it’s now the end of August, and so sales of the fifth installment have definitely exceeded the 80 million mark.

Add to the fact that Grand Theft Auto Online has helped the company rack in millions more from its micro-transactions, and it is no wonder Take-Two have decided to allow Rockstar to continue supporting the online portion of the game. According to GameSpot, Grand Theft Auto Online saw the highest recurrent consumer spending in its first fiscal quarter of 2018 (which ended June 30, 2017) in the game’s history. It contributed to the net sales of $418.2 million Take-Two generated for that quarter. There’s no figure on how much in total consumers have spent real world money on the online component of Grand Theft Auto V, but if it’s generating millions for the company, support will be ongoing.

So what does this mean for a potential sequel of the game? It’s hard to tell, as the only thing that was hinted by Rockstar was that developing a game starts with an idea. So if they’re in development of a Grand Theft Auto VI, they’d be drumming up ideas on what kind of story to tell, the type of characters to be included, and the ideal location of the game. There could be several hundred ideas on the board before the team makes a concrete choice before they work on the script. Add to the fact that they are also trying to meet a second quarter of 2018 release deadline of Red Dead Redemption 2, and the hopes of seeing a new Grand Theft Auto seems more far fetched.

Continued Grand Theft Auto Online Support

Rockstar has provided massive support for Grand Theft Auto Online since it went live a month after the game’s release. The single player component of the game already had a immense level of content that was worth the $60 price tag in itself. Rockstar has long been a innovator of compelling storylines in a sandbox world. Though given the success of the online components of Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption, they saw a lot of potential in the online space.

By adding continuous updates to Grand Theft Auto Online, they have added new weapons, missions, multiplayer modes, vehicles, luxury items, and new ways to generate virtual profits, thus giving gamers new and exciting ways to play. By also bringing the hammer down on cheaters, patching out bugs and glitches, and keeping the money making system stable, it’s no wonder why the online suite is nothing like it was at the beginning. If anything, it’s better than ever.

Controversy Sells When Used Right

What is one way that you can get your product in the front of the eyes of millions of potential customers? One way, only if used right, is through controversy. Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto games have moments in them that are controversial. They’ve been on the receiving end of lawsuits for years as a result, including one were Lindsay Lohan sued them for having a female character in the game whose face allegedly resembled hers. Despite such setbacks, the controversial elements in their games have been the driving force of their huge profits. Much of what you can do in Grand Theft Auto V is controversial, from robbing banks, conducting prison breaks, trafficking cocaine, and exporting stolen luxury vehicles. A lot of people who play would never do those things in real life, but love to immerse themselves in this virtual world of crime to escape from reality.


Let’s face it, Grand Theft Auto V is selling incredibly well still, and the online portion continues to generate revenue due to its micro-transaction system. If recurrent-consumer spending on the game is higher than it’s ever been, then Take-Two has no reason to push Rockstar to create Grand Theft Auto VI. This is sad news for fans who want to dive into a fresh new sandbox world of the series. But at the end of the day, Rockstar is a business. A business diverts their energy and resources into what is working well for them, and ditches the things that aren’t meeting expectations. Perhaps on the day where the game starts showing its age, the player base starts dying down, and sales start to drop, we’ll finally see the sixth iteration of this widely popular franchise.


Mayweather vs McGregor is a Brilliant Example of Marketing

Millions (including myself) tuned in on August 26th for the mega fight of the year between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. It was a interesting fight to say the least, with things going well for McGregor at the beginning, only for him to get outlasted in the later rounds before getting stopped in the 10th round by Mayweather. To say if anyone who watched got their money’s worth would be up to the opinions of those who saw it. But you can’t deny the amount of money generated from such an event.

According to ESPN, Mayweather was guaranteed $100 million just for showing up to fight. However, depending on Pay-Per-View and ticket sales, as well as endorsements, Mayweather likely racked in between $250 to $300 million from being in the ring for 28 minutes and 5 seconds, which means he could have made up to $178,041.54 per second. McGregor was guaranteed $30 million from showing up, and could have made up to $100 million from Pay-Per-View and ticket sales, as well as endorsements.

That’s an insane amount of money those two made from the match up, and that doesn’t include the amount of money generated overall for the fight itself, which could have been close to the $1 billion mark. Ticket prices were in the low $1,000s and up, with stars like Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato, Charlize Theron, Mike Tyson, LeBron James, and more attending the fight. Pay-Per-View saw massive sales to the point that some viewers had trouble watching from all of the traffic. Las Vegas benefited from Mayweather winning, according to ESPN, as he was a favorite to win with numerous bets on him knocking out McGregor. There was up to $120 million in bets made overall.

Mayweather and McGregor are a Solid Brand

The tremendous amount of money generated could not have been possible without Floyd Mayweather positioning himself as a top of the line boxer and Conor McGregor positioning himself as a top of the line MMA fighter. If you think about it, things really took off for Mayweather after his win over De la Hoya. After the fight, he created Mayweather Promotions, cutting out the middle man so that he can have better control of the money he could make. So instead of receiving $10-$20 million a fight, he was able to make $100+ million a fight. Mayweather knew having business smarts would better excel him to multi-million dollar generating status than just his boxing skills, and he has cashed in ever since.

Conor McGregor’s success came from implementing the law of attraction. In his early years, he was dominating the sport of MMA, but he knew that in order to have massive success, he would have to first believe in and visualize himself achieving that, and then his actions had to reflect on that belief. McGregor was smart about how to position himself during interviews and interacting on social media, which helped to create his humble, confident persona. It was his huge beliefs in success, along with his impressive performance in the octagon, that placed himself as a worthy opponent for Mayweather. He had teased on the idea of facing him early on before it became a reality.

Creating a Compelling Story Around the Event

It was no surprise that the Mayweather vs McGregor match was going to be a huge event, even outdoing the success (financially wise) of the Mayweather vs¬†Pacquiao fight. It was how the promoters and the fighters positioned the match, going all in to hype fans up of their confrontation. Mayweather had already spent years successfully creating a solid brand behind his name, as had McGregor, and so putting two of the world’s best fighters in their genres in the ring together was music to the fan’s ears. Leading up to the mega fight, the insults and verbal jabs between both camps ensued, and fans shared their thoughts on social media on who they believed would win.

This was an effective marketing tactic in order to hype up the fight and get people talking. Aside from that, the advertisements, video interviews, training sessions, all the way up to the weigh in created excitement. Mayweather’s place in all of this was being one of the greatest pound for pound boxers in sports today, coming out of retirement to give fans what they desired, while McGregor’s place was being the underdog who had much to prove, but believed with confidence that he had what it took to defeat his rival.