Delivering Quality Can Earn You Grand Theft Auto V’s Success

Even if you haven’t played any of the games in the Grand Theft Auto series, you have definitely heard about them. Grand Theft Auto V, in particular, has achieved the most success of the series to date. In fact, the profits it’s raking in and the huge online activity from its multiplayer component is why it’s unlikely we will see a sequel for quite some time. If a product is exceeding a company’s profit expectations, why create a new product soon?

Grand Theft Auto V stands as an example of what happens when you deliver a product that meets or exceeds the expectations of the consumer. If your product provides quality over quantity, and is something that a potential customer is looking for, you don’t have to do much to convince them that it’s right for them. Of course you need a description of the product and a unique selling proposition so that prospects know how your product stands out. But if your product works wonders, and you’re marketing it effectively, you can generate profits in no time.

Grand Theft Auto V has maintained a huge level of success despite the fact of indirect competition of other triple A titles, including Call of Duty and Fallout 4. Here are a few elements that can give your product the staying power of Grand Theft Auto V:

Focusing on a Niche

You may have heard this before, but it stands true to this day. Instead of focusing on the general audience, focus on a audience that has a specific need. Rockstar Games, the developer of Grand Theft Auto V, has always been able to achieve this by focusing on two things, delivering a compelling story in the world of crime, and maintaining it’s solid sandbox elements. People who love story driven games and are able to roam around a huge city to do whatever they want are the people who have invested their dollars in the series. Not everyone likes that kind of game, but that’s okay. They don’t have to please everyone, and neither do you.


Marketing the Product Consistently

You can have an amazing product line, but you must consistently market your solution otherwise people will forget about it. Depending on what you’re selling, and where your audience usually goes to get their information or interact, you will need to implement different marketing methods to reach them, including email, social media, and public relations. Whatever methods you choose, develop a calendar to schedule the day and time of when you’ll use these methods to send out your message to your audience. Have this planned out between 6 months to a year in advance.

Months before Grand Theft Auto V was released, there were game trailers, interviews, press releases, and a strong advertising campaign. Since the game’s release, they have been marketing their post release content for the game on YouTube, their website, and social media, where major gaming and entertainment websites have informed their audience. Aside from that, YouTube influencers are consistently posting videos about the game, extending its viral marketing power.

Establishing a Solid Brand

This is probably the most important advice to follow that will allow your product to stand the test of time. If your product excels in quality, exceeds the needs of your customer, and you’re marketing it consistently, make sure you’re also building a brand behind it. This is how the world will recognize your product, and will become emotionally connected with it. So in other words, your product must tell a story that your audience can relate to.

This is what has helped the Grand Theft Auto series to maintain a solid presence in the gaming world. They’ve used signature fonts for the title, and signature artwork for the game’s cover and website. Every game in the series maintains the same graphics design, gameplay mechanics, and sound design. They could just release a graphic image of a numeral VI in a black background on their website, and the entire world would be talking about a potential Grand Theft Auto sequel. Though the series’ brand presence is very strong, it took them years to get there. So be prepared to work hard to get your product well known.



What Game Developers Can Learn From Shooters Like Overwatch

It seems like no matter what, entertainment is one element that is recession proof. Consumers spend hours a day just watching videos alone. But what is also taking up the time of consumers are video games. A majority of these people are casual gamers, but then there are your hardcore gamers as well. These people are the ones who have high expectations for games, and would rather play a game that’s catered to a niche than something that is catered to everyone. Often times, when a game tries to do too much to please everyone, it doesn’t end well for the developers.

So given that dedicated gamers want something that will allow them to enjoy time outside of the real world for hours on in, what exactly can game developers do to cater to their needs? It is best to draw some inspiration from the highly successful game Overwatch. For a multiplayer shooter that’s actually increasing in popularity and player count, here are some ways it’s achieving just that:

Making it Multiplayer Focused

There are many gamers out there who usually skip the 5 hour single player campaign of a first person shooter to jump straight into multiplayer. So instead of spending extra money to create a compelling narrative, they focused solely on creating the multiplayer component. The amount of people turned off by this practice was in the minority, as they wouldn’t spend $60 on what they perceived was not a full game. But it stands as one example of why it isn’t necessary to please everyone, as millions still bought the game.

The Gameplay Mechanics Focuses on Teamwork

Instead of having a game where someone can lonewolf their way through the map to rack up kills and become unstoppable, Blizzard took a different approach, by making the gameplay based on how well you work with your team. Team composition plays a huge factor on how effective a team performs, as you need damage dealers, tanks to soak up damage, defense characters to hinder an attacker’s advances, and healers to keep teammates alive. That coupled with good communication makes for a game that rewards those who work together instead of going at it alone.

Making the Game Accessible

This goes hand in hand with the game’s teamwork focus. It’s a game that’s easy to play, but hard to master. Casual players who aren’t necessarily good at generating kills for their team can help in other ways, including support or tanking. Overwatch isn’t meant for everybody, as some people may not be fond of the animated art direction to this shooter or that it’s based on teamwork. However, it’s a game that doesn’t require a high skill level to get into, and that’s why even consumers who aren’t into first person shooters are actually playing it either by themselves or with friends.

Lovable Characters

There are a vast variety of characters that contain their own abilities to aid themselves and teammates in achieving victory, along with ultimates that can turn the tide of a battle. But even better is how compelling these characters are to the players. Blizzard Entertainment did well in creating memorable characters that captures the heart of gamers. Some stand out more than others, like Tracer, with her quirky enthusiasm, or Reaper, with his gritty demeanor. It’s no wonder you see several cosplayers dressed up as these characters at events. The game itself also allows you to access every character’s backstory, which helps to satisfy those who want to learn about the characters they love to play.

Quality Support and Updates

Blizzard Entertainment has a track record of creating amazingly addictive games that are built to last for years. Take World of Warcraft for example, released back in 2004, with its several expansions and gameplay improvements they’ve made to keep a high playerbase some 13 years later and going. Overwatch is no exception. In over a year since release, players have received new characters, maps, cosmetic items in the form of skins, emotes, character lines, among other things.

All characters and maps are free, while cosmetic items can be earned in game or through using real money. Not only that, but a heavy anti-cheating system, fixes to technical issues, character balancing, and event themed modes round up the amazing support this game has gotten. Overwatch has become a even better game than it was when it first launched, which is why there’s over 30 million registered players and counting. It’s hard to imagine the type of game it’ll be in the future, but it’ll surely get better with age.


Here’s Two Videos of Me Playing Rocket League

As you already know, I’m a gamer, and I’ve been so for several years. In one of my previous posts, I shared with you a couple of videos of me playing Overwatch where I did good in one game and did terrible in another. Part of what I share on my YouTube channel are some of my gameplay recordings, with more to come in time.

As much as I love Overwatch, it’s not the only game I play. Rocket League joins the list of my favorite games of this console generation, and it stands rightfully so. There’s never been a game like this that combines fast cars with the fantastic sport of football to create a dynamic, adrenaline rushing experience. It’s actually one of the few multiplayer games that I’m half decent at.

In the video above you get to see me score 4 goals for my team, helping us to solidify a victory, where here’s another video below of us winning in overtime, with me securing the game winning goal with ease:

Just like Overwatch, I was hesitate to give Rocket League a try because even though it’s a unique game, it was something I thought I wouldn’t enjoy because I preferred more realism in my sports games, and games in general. But now I could care less. The fun factor is here, and the gameplay mechanics is smooth. This game favors skill level and teamwork over mere progression, which I like. If you haven’t given Rocket League a try, I highly recommend that you do.

Again I plan to post a lot more gameplay videos on my YouTube channel in the future, so if you like to watch gameplay videos,¬†while being entertained, please check out my channel and subscribe to watch more¬†content. And don’t hesitate to share your feedback. I usually respond to comments on my channel, and will respond here as well.