Hello and Welcome

Hi everyone. My name is Sheldon. My last name is Alexander, but I keep it “Alex” for short. Welcome to my blog. You could’ve been reading anything else right now, but you’re here, and I’m grateful for that! 🙂

This is my first time in a few years that I’ve started blogging again, after having done so for years prior. I used to be a blogger for my previous site voiceofsheldon.wordpress.com, but I decided that I wanted to start off with a clean slate. I mostly blogged about video games, movies, technology among other things, but without a clear focus on what I wanted to ultimately share with readers regarding.

But now, with a few changes I’ve made in my life, and a clearer focus on what I’m pursuing in my foreseeable future, I have a idea on the topics I want to share on this blog. A few include lifestyle, business, acting, and fitness. And hopefully, I will blog for the long term, as this is the plan for me this time around.

So stay tuned for my future posts. Thank you again for taking the time to check out my blog. Here’s to new beginnings!


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